Celery, Orange

Beetroot, Grape

Broccoli, Apple

carrot, pineapple

Finally! After a lot of trying back and forth, I am satisfied with the result and am very happy to present these 4 creations.
They are made super fast, need only a few ingredients, taste wonderfully fresh and are maybe something different than what you usually know from salads! 🙂 
Maybe you can think of some more colourful creations. 

Since there is a lot to grate in these recipes, I wanted to recommend my universal blender, with which you can really get the salad ready in a few minutes. It’s not only perfect for salads, but you can also use it to make nut butter (mix penutsnuts until the oil comes out and a homogenous mass is created), soups and so much more! 
It simply saves a lot of work and time 🙂 
There are many variations of mixers; I have chosen this one and I am very satisfied: 

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