Pea guacamole

Avocados, which you can buy in Germany, grow really far away.🚢 But since I don't want to give up my beloved guacamole under any circumstances, I looked for an alternative that is just as tasty but doesn't have to make the little detour…

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Almond drink

In one of my last posts with the Kaiserschmarren recipe, I talked about the fact that healthier alternatives can easily be found for certain foods. This is also true for milk. 😊Mittlerweile you can buy vegetable "drinks" almost in every café or supermarket.…

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Pea soup

This recipe is easily made and so delicious! The little green pearls are not only rich in proteins and B-vitamins, but also score some minerals with magnesium, iron, calcium and zinc!💪🏻 small, but powerful and so delicious!

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