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I’m Tara.

I’m a holistic nutrition expert and a medically certified health coach.

I’m here to help you get to your feel-good weight – without tracking or calorie counting – and with easy-to-implement healthy habits for your everyday life.

In addition to my passion for nutrition, I love creating new recipes, writing more books, traveling, spending time in nature, and trying new things like painting or boxing.

It is the small changes in our daily lives that have a big impact. Every person has the ability to enrich their health - no matter what condition they are in.
Tara Lösch
Ganzheitliche Ernährungs- und ärztlich geprüfte Gesundheitsberaterin

my vision

My vision is to help people find a way back to their own intuition and healing power, and literally to their own gut by letting go of negative emotional patterns, eating foods rich in micro nutrients, and trusting their own bodies because it knows exactly what we need. 

Holistic health means for me

For me, holistic health is not only a naturally healthy and intuitive way of eating that suits you and your body individually, but also having beautiful skin and hair, maintaining a restful sleep, as well as experiencing moments of relaxation even in your daily work routine, which make you more productive in the long run and increase your quality of life. 

my philosophy


No starvation, no calorie counting & no diet. This is purely about your gut feeling.

rich in nutrients

Find out what is good for your body and how to provide it with everything it needs.


Your body is like no other, so is your digestion. I coach you personally


Health is not only good nutrition, but so much more ...

whole foods

A whole food, plant-based diet that provides you with all the nutrients and vital substances.

my story

The topics nutrition and exercising played a role for me for longer than I realized. In retrospect, I realized, for me food was:

  • Restriction
  • Pressure
  • Guilt
  • Shame
  • and stress

Unconsciously, I felt extremely pressured by social media to conform to a certain ideal of beauty. I wanted to learn more about healthy eating, but the flood of information and the different opinions confused me a lot and I didn’t even know what to believe anymore. Working out also stressed me out immensely. I felt compelled to do sports every day to stay fit, but unconsciously fell more and more into the habit of using exercising as compensation for “bad” food days and I believed I have to “earn” my food. I developed the belief that a day without exercising would have a negative impact on my weight, or that after a bad meal I would just have to workout harder. My workouts no longer had anything to do with ease and fun, but became an inner compulsion, which put me and especially my body under extreme stress.

My diet also exhibited similar perfectionist patterns. I judged everything edible into “good” and “bad” and strictly stuck to anything “green”. To understand how extreme my thinking was:

A salad of nothing but unheated vegetables, nuts and “sugar-free” dressing was classified by me as “bad” if there were a few crumbs of feta cheese in it – a processed and non-natural product. Clearly, that didn’t make me happy in the long run, did it?
The result was that I became so unhappy at regular intervals that I kept falling back on uncontrolled binges, eating much more than my body needed, until I ended up feeling sick. It even got to the point that towards the end I had no sense of satiety at all. 

As a result, I struggled for a long time with:

  • Digestive problems
  • Irregular cycle 
  • Skin blemishes 
  • Nutritional deficiencies 
  • Fatigue
  • Migraine
  • Lack of focus 
  • Extreme mood swings 

what happened next?

While studying to become a holistic nutritionist, I tried all kinds of diets to find out what worked best for me. At the same time, I began my training as a medically certified health coach and only after a few months I slowly found my balance again – in my physical, as well as mental health. I detached myself from black-and-white thinking, now give my body the nutrients it needs, no longer restrict myself and intuitively listen to my gut feeling. 

I no longer follow a strict training plan, but move according to my mood and energy. I’m fitter than ever, need less sleep, am much more emotionally balanced, haven’t had a pimple in years, and my body and I are One.  

Today, food means to me:

  • Freedom
  • Joy of life
  • Community
  • Quality of life
  • Pleasure
  • Fun 
  • Mindfulness

I would like to help you achieve the same ease and freedom around food. You will reach your personal comfort weight with a naturally healthy diet.

Does that sound familiar?

what if you...

what coachies say

Absolutely thrilled with Tara's coaching. From the depth of knowledge, but also from the way Tara explains and conveys it. You feel understood and the program is 100% customized. Would recommend anytime.

The 10-week nutrition coaching with Tara has given me great insights, sound knowledge and many new suggestions: The insight into nutritional science literally opened my eyes. Learning about proteins, minerals, carbohydrates, milk, water, or even skin showed me that my knowledge was very rudimentary. Tara's in-depth knowledge made it easy for me to not only understand but also apply the insights and advice. Her suggestions to simply cut back on things, or perhaps switch things out, was more of a natural outcome of her advice. Tara's charming manner has allowed me to change my diet and the way I feel physically and my energy boost has become stronger. She has great recipes to implement and use the new knowledge directly. Very many of her menus are my new favorite foods. Look forward to a great journey into nutrition and your body. 🙂 The coaching is very natural and personalized and Tara's incredible personality makes her so successful. I would be very happy to have advanced courses or other content to further develop the initial success that resulted from our collaboration. Sign up, celebrate your first successes quickly and live healthier and more energetic! 🙂

"Tara has a calm, competent and great way of imparting knowledge around nutrition. In the price included was life coaching, recipes and handouts. Really great!"

"It was really great and instructive. We understood each other from the beginning. Thanks for the valuable tips, has moved me to rethink!"

"The coaching was very cool. Tara looks at exactly how one's habits and eating behaviors affect one's health. Tara provides valuable expert input and tips, adapted to my situation. The communication with Tara runs very relaxed and thematically flexible. "

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