Listen to your tummy grumbling

A guide back to your natural, intuitive eating behavior

Even though we have in common that we eat every day, we do so for many different reasons.

Often we find something edible in our hands although we are not physically hungry. In "Listen to your tummy grumbling" you will learn that our nutrition is not only related to our knowledge or discipline, but there are much stronger mechanisms behind it, such as our emotions or our habits. However, we can only see through and change them once we scratch the surface and feel deeper inside ourselves to become aware of our true needs. It is the small changes in our daily life that have a big impact. You will see how easy health is, if you listen to your intuition and especially your tummy grumbling!


The book is simply worth reading and stands out fundamentally from other nutrition guides. It creates really good mood by the great illustration and of course also by the high professional competence - worthwhile in any case and is also a great gift!
Really motivating book to tackle life and change your consciousness in terms of nutrition. Can absolutely recommend it. Tara is such a warm author who knows what she is talking about 🙂 1A! Love it!!!
Nice and easy, nice and clear!
"Very good!!! ""Listen to your tummy grumbling"" is very informative, humanely written and for everyone to recommend! 🙂 The book is exceptionally beautifully designed, (with gorgeous photos, tips and tricks), it reads clearly and understandably, and the recipes are delicious! - Especially the power brownies!!! Besides, you can feel that a lot of heart and soul has gone into it."
Very good! I gained many new inspiring insights while reading. I can really only highly recommend this book.
Attractively designed and encourages rethinking! I like very much!

With this guide you will gain insight into your


Hunger signals

Each person has different hunger signals, which we are often not aware of.


True needs

Far too often we do not eat out of hunger, but out of inner needs.


Trigger points

We often have a very strong (unconscious) relationship to food.



The main part of our actions are determined by habits.

This book is another way to fulfill my vision besides my blog: To show people how easy health - the normal state of our body - is! You will see that your eating habits have much more to do with how you design your everyday life than just your conscious or unconscious choices about what to put on the table today.

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