When I was at school, I hated to get up early. Today I do it, simply because I want to, even earlier!   
But I know what it feels like when school or work tells you to get up early even though you may have a completely different biorhythm. The good thing is: 

Getting up early is like any habit! In other words:
You can learn it. But:

Only when you associate it with a good feeling you will find the will, the strength and above all the joy, so that you don’t want to do anything else. 

These are my reasons and tips, which let me get up every morning simply and motivated 🙂

  1. I know some people probably don’t want to hear that, but stop pressing the damn snooze button!
    I get the point when you say it’s so comfortable in bed.
    But what about this:
    Choose one or two days a week when you deviate from your new desired habit and celebrate it properly. This will allow you to enjoy this time more, and it will also make it easier for you to get up earlier on the other days. You don’t change your habits immediately from 0 to 100, but only 80%.
    Nor do you have to get up at 5:30 a.m. every day.
    First try it with 15 minutes earlier, then after a few days you try half an hour and after a week you already have one hour more time in the morning. You will notice that it’s much easier this way and that you don’t want to miss the more time you got now. (I’ll get back to that in a moment.)

2. Maybe you’ll also try out a new wake-up song. For example, I have one, which totally motivates me and makes me wanna jump out of bed. And if you have already become so used to the snooze button habit that you don’t even notice it anymore, put your alarm clock in the furthest corner of your room. 🙂
One more thing about the Snooze Button: there are thousands of reports which show that the snooze button has health disadvantages! It’s because you start a sleep cycle, which you interrupt after a few minutes and can’t recover at all.
Set the alarm half an hour later instead and get up DIRECTLY. You’ll win much more by doing that! The snooze button doesn’t give you an advantage in any way.
I don’t know about you, but I like to get up motivated and fit and stay that way throughout the day. But when I keep pressing slumber, I don’t wake up at all and stay groggy all day long. I also feel much more exhausted during the day than when I get up directly and use the following tips:

Open the window and ventilate it thoroughly 

Drink water!
Warm water is best. I always make myself a freshly-squeezed hot lemon. This activates the metabolism, detoxifies and supports digestion. The body has to get cold water to body temperature first which actually wastes energy unnecessarily.

Make  your bed!
You will be amazed how this little action in the morning brings so much more order into your life! plus: you are less tempted to throw yourself back into bed 😉

– If it helps you and you don’t bother anyone with it, turn on music. I personally prefer to stay in silence for the first few minutes.

Go jogging, do a workout. Even if you do only stretching exercises, but get your body moving! ! You’ll feel so good afterwards!

3. I can only speak for myself but Im very bad in making decisions in the morning. That’s why I make every possible decision in the previous evening.
Whether it’s bag packing, clothing, a to-do list for the coming day or even breakfast, which I usually already prepare.
(which by the way also helps me enormously!  My get-up-early-motivation is the thought of a prepared breakfast ! 😀 ) 

All in all, the only way to win is to get up early. The time you suddenly are given can be so powerful if you use it properly. Think about what you want to do with this little extra time.
What makes you feel good? What is your MOTIV-ation? Right, you need a motive. Even if it is only the delightful thought that you simply have NO stress, but can follow your usual routine completely in calm. But please use the time wisely! By that I mean no social media etc.! Just be with yourself.
For example I read a few pages, do yoga, cuddle with my cat, do a workout, meditate and just be thankful for everything the day may bring…

The most important thing finally: 
Don’t think about it, JUST DO IT! 
The book ‘The 5 Second Rule’ by Mel Robbins helped me back then.

She says that you have to count down from 5 to 0 when making such decisions, so that in our case you get up so quickly that you can’t keep up with your thinking. If we don’t get into action after 5 seconds, our brain switches on and we usually choose the more comfortable way.
With that rule, you turn an idea into an action within 5 seconds. 

Making a decision means that you are at a crossroads.
You have two choices:


Take control of this micromoment in your life. And yes, it’s ‘just a micromoment’, of course, but isn’t our life made up of those very moments?
Think about it: this micromoment, when you decide to eat this or that, to be friendlier to that person, to do that workout, to smoke or to quit smoking…! We all know it. 
That may sound a little scary, but if you look closer, it’s an incredibly powerful thought.
YOU can change your life every second.
YOU can choose differently in every moment. 
It’s your turn now:
choose a better life! 

If you have more tips to get out of bed better, feel free to write them in the comments! 

Let’s do this! 😉


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